What are your goals? What is the best plan to get you there? Do you have a team to connect those dots for you? At CrossFit Prototype, we have become the facility in the Worcester County and Metro-west area where people start a life-changing experience! We meet people where they are at and take them where they want to go. We believe that positive relationships are the key to continued success and making fitness a life long priority. We help you develop positive relationships with exercise, nutrition, and fitness along with meaningful relationships with your trainers, family, and friends. We believe that everyone that comes into CFP is the hero of their own story and we that we are the guides to help them achieve the fitness goals they set. We take a prescriptive approach, meaning, we tell you what you need to do to accomplish your fitness goals. We believe in the long haul. We set milestones and celebrate when they’re reached. And then we reach further. Above all, we care about you and want you to succeed! So take the next step in your journey and start today by booking a FREE NO SWEAT INTRO SESSION!


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