What is our Biodynamics Body Scan?

Most people come into Prototype looking to “lose weight and get toned.” The problem is that losing weight in most people’s eyes is directly correlated to what the scale says and this isn’t true!

It is easy to get discouraged by numbers from the untrustworthy scale, but your weight doesn’t tell the whole story. Your body is made up of muscle, fat and water. So losing weight is not the same as losing fat. Likewise, gaining weight may not be all fat gain. The Biodynamics Body Scan results sheet provides an extensive display of parameters relevant to body composition that can be used to efficiently lose fat, improve your nutrition, identify muscle deficiencies and more!


Through the use of cutting edge bioelectrical impedance analysis, the Biodynamics Body Scan (BDBS) allows for accurate and non-invasive body composition testing in less than 30 seconds! BDBS offers accurate results, takes almost no time to administer and can be done right at CFP!


This quick, easy and precise analysis will provide an objective starting point to track your progress as you start, or continue, on your quest to better health and fitness.

$45 Biodynamics Body Scan includes:

  • 30 minute session with a coach to discuss your results
  • Goal setting session to discuss an action plan
  • Optional progress picture and measurements


Interested in a Biodynamics Body Scan?

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