1. Prototype of the Month

    CrossFit Prototype will be announcing athlete or "Prototype of the Month"! We will be highlighting members each month, possibly more! For each member selected, we will be sending you an e-mail with a form of questions to answer that will describe who you are in depth! As Prototype of the Month, you will have a Benchmark WOD named after you for in house WODs, member highlights on Facebook, Twitter …Read More

  2. Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

    By: Mike Collette   We here this everyday whether its from ourselves or others, the word "motivation". A conversation about motivation can sound something like this "I'm really not feeling motivated to going to the gym today" or something like this "Wow, seeing that person do that really motivated me to be better".   Now the truth of the matter is NO ONE or NOTHING can truly motivate you…Read More

  3. King and Queen of the Box

    Hi everyone!   This was quite a week of sweat, mental anguish and most importantly FUN! For all of the competitors that competed, you did awesome! You all crushed "Murph" on the final WOD challenge, killed it on the 2k row in the beginning of the week and showed off your power and strength (2 of the 10 general physical skills : ) ) Here are the official winners of the 'King and Queen of the B…Read More

  4. Kings and Queens of the Box

    Hi Everyone!   As many of you don't know, we are hosting a week long competition at CrossFit Prototype titled, "King and Queen of the Box". This was spawned as a surprise for 2 reasons: 1.) CrossFit prepares you for the unknown, hence an unknown competition 2.) No Cherry Picking; everyone is encouraged to participate regardless or fitness level or age, so don't try to skip out this week : )   He…Read More

  5. What do you get at CrossFit?

    By: Mike Collette   CrossFit is defined by its Community. Like minded people that enjoy the mental anguish in which the WOD can bring but can laugh about those struggles and cheer for their gains. So when you make the decision to join a local box, the membership fees are a lot greater than most health clubs, $150-$300 a month compared to a $10-$60 month to month yearly contract. So, what do y…Read More

  6. New Year Eating: Throw out the sugar!!!

    As the new year approaches and 2012 comes to an end, we always seem to typically end the year off not as well as we start! Its weird. Oh wait, no its not! I can speak as a CrossFit Owner and Coach, our awesome members gave me so many sweets from peanut butter M&M's, cookies, candy and all things that will decay the crap out of your teeth. It becomes habitual and its a pretty common across th…Read More

  7. Squat: “Ain’t nuttin to it but to do it”… or is it?

    By: Mike Collette When you talk about movement efficiency, the first thing that comes to mind is basic human movement. These are movements that are replicated in everyday life. This is a very simple yet complex beast when it comes to fitness. You see, everyday you sit down and stand up from the couch, chair at work, in and out of your car etc and its no big deal. Now, you get into the gym and all …Read More

  8. CrossFit Stats and The Purpose of Community

    If you haven't heard, as of Monday 11/12/12 CrossFit Inc has hit 5,000 affiliates worldwide. Yes WORLDWIDE. In a 2011 video on CrossFit.com, Greg Glassman explains about the international growth of CrossFit and how "40% of the revenue is from outside of the U.S". This shows great growth from outside the U.S while maintaining the strongest market within the U.S. In 2009, there were roughly 1,500 Cr…Read More

  9. Dispelling the Common CrossFit Myths

    My favorite conversation to have with people who are interested in CrossFit or have questions is answering and blowing through some of the common myths associated with CrossFit's training program. If you are unfamiliar with CrossFit, CrossFit is combination  of various functional movements that are constantly  varied and executed at high intensities. With that said, intensity is relative to each…Read More

  10. Top 10 Reasons why CrossFit is for Everyone!

    Here is a list that CrossFit Prototype has created to show everyone why CrossFit as a training program is indeed for any and everyone!   1.) It makes Fitness Fun When was the last time the average person got excited about exercising? Yes, for some people exercising is general is a great stress reliever and makes you feel good. Maybe you love to workout. But on average, most Americans are gett…Read More