1. Prototype of the Month (March)

    As the months go on, it becomes harder and harder to choose a Prototype of the Month. Each member resembles the qualities we look for based on our value's principle. This month, Mary Ellen Marcone has shown what a true CrossFit Prototype is! The 'Strong and Powerful' motto has resonated as not only her catch phrase but what seems to define her as a person. How she has persevered through the toug…Read More

  2. Prototype of the Month (February)

    Prototype of the Month: February   Jayne Knapp (a.k.a CrossFit Jayne)   My  CrossFit Journey: I am honored to be chosen as CrossFit Prototype of the Month.  I will admit right up front that I could not have done this without the help from the entire CFP community, and of course especially my awesome CFP coaches! Oh my husband too! My journey into CrossFit began with my husband gently urging…Read More

  3. Prototype of the Month

    CrossFit Prototype will be announcing athlete or "Prototype of the Month"! We will be highlighting members each month, possibly more! For each member selected, we will be sending you an e-mail with a form of questions to answer that will describe who you are in depth! As Prototype of the Month, you will have a Benchmark WOD named after you for in house WODs, member highlights on Facebook, Twitter …Read More