Congratulations! The fact that you have found our CrossFit gym means you are curious about one of the fastest growing fitness movements on Earth.


How to get started at CrossFit Prototype:

Regardless of a person’s past athletic experience or current level of fitness, everyone who first comes to CrossFit Prototype is provided with the opportunity to share with us their goals. It’s important to us to learn what you are looking to accomplish and how we can best help you! In order to do this, book a Free No Sweat Intro session so we can talk!


Looking to Start CrossFit Classes?

After your No Sweat Intro session and if starting in our CrossFit program aligns with your goals, you won’t enter right into our classes. First, everyone who is looking to join our CrossFit program is given the opportunity to learn about the foundational techniques, terminology, pre-workout warm-ups and exercises before participating in our regular CrossFit classes. We call these are our Virtuosity classes.

Our Virtuosity sessions are 4, 1-1 sessions with that allow us to assess your movement, create an individualized learning environment and most importantly it allows us to understand your individual goals! These 1-1 sessions ensure individual attention to allow you to learn faster and to prepare you for our CrossFit program. As you work through the four sessions you will learn about the correct form for basic, functional CrossFit movements, and slowly work up to increase your level of intensity. Virtuosity sessions are the perfect place to ask questions and make some new friends before transitioning into our regular classes!


This is where we assess your fitness level and movement capacity. This is also where we teach you the basics and foundations of CrossFit workouts and movement efficiency. This is a requirement to start at Prototype. Once you finish your 4 Virtuosity sessions you have ability to move on to our CrossFit classes.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Book a Free No Sweat Intro Session

Step 2: Sign-Up for one of our Virtuosity offerings!

Step 3: Book your first Virtuosity session with one of our coaches!

Step 4: Start your journey on getting into the best shape of your life!

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