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IgniteFeatureSlider1on1Ignite! and Prototype Kids Classes!

This class integrates Prototype Kids Strength and Conditioning programming with activities that promote cognitive development. It offers a fun, social environment with structure to increase motivation and promote self-regulation.  The group structure provides a safe and effective workout with a consistent schedule. The group environment facilitate social interaction and awareness.

Each class is co-led by a Prototype Kids Coach and an Ignite! Coach. All classes include a warm up, focus drill, skill work and WOD. Students work toward fitness goals while integrating the 10 elements of cognition: memory, attention, motivation, organization/planning/logic, imagination/creativity, sensory processing, computation/calculation, language skills, social/emotional and motor control.

The goal of the class is to support extracurricular and brain-based learning and to enhance academic achievement.


The Ignite! Prototype Academy is an enrichment program designed for school-aged students. The philosophy behind the program is that we can use exercise to optimize the emotional, physiological, behavioral, and hormonal benefits of purposeful movement. Movement has been shown to improve brain chemistry and develop many foundational skills essential to learning. The programming is designed to prepare students for academic success by using subject-specific movements, focus drills, goal-setting, and organized practice. Students participate in the program in a realistic setting as they develop skills essential to learning.

Who is this program for?

Ignite! Prototype Academy is for school-aged students of all ability levels. Cognitive, academic, and learning tasks are integrated into individual or small group setting. Some students who take part in the Ignite! Prototype Academy have learning disabilities or struggle with learning; however the program is designed to be personally beneficial for students at all levels. Whether your child struggles with attention or behavior, Ignite! Prototype Academy is for them!

What does a typical Ignite! Prototype Academy session entail?

Sessions begin with warm-ups to raise the heart rate and establish the environment. Students then participate in developmental movement programs to correct alignment as a basis for good posture, improve coordination, and use natural movements presented in a developmental sequence. Students then work with coaches to set goals and intentions for the session. Coaches also help the students to identify “bright spots,” or positive connections to the experience. Students then have the opportunity to practice skills that they have been working on. Next, they participate in a “Workout of the Day,” or WOD. This includes focus drills and a “just right” challenge that is equal to a student’s skill level. This also includes an academic or cognitive aspect. Finally, coaches lead students in a casual self-evaluation of the session.

What are the projected long-term benefits of participating in the Ignite! Prototype Academy?

The Ignite! Prototype Academy designs programming to aid students in developing self esteem and self-awareness. Students engage in activities to strengthen their ability to identify times of engagement and stress, self-regulate, and take corrective action as needed. Sessions are aimed to help students improve concentration, memory, coordination, organization, and social communication.

Who are Ignite! Prototype Academy coaches?

The coaches in the program have the experience and background knowledge to work with students who face a variety of learning challenges. They focus on helping students learn how to move past triggers and they respond to students to match the task to an ideal learning state. The coaches work with students to establish routines and mantras to manage internal regulation. At the Ignite! Prototype Academy, our coaches have been selected based on their experience and background knowledge in working with students who face learning challenges.


“I cannot say enough about the excellence provided by Coach Danielle.  My child has benefited from participating in a highly structured program that has far exceeded my expectations.  I am receiving good reports from my daughter’s speech therapist, who shares progress she has made since beginning the program.  Best of all, my daughter is gaining confidence and self esteem.  She has come home from sessions excited to tell her father how proud she is of her progress.  It is enough to melt any mother’s heart!” –Carolyn D.


The Ignite! program offers small group sessions. Based on intake assessment information, students may benefit from participation in small group sessions with others at similar ability levels.   These are semi-private group sessions for groups of 2-4 students with 1 Ignite! coach and 1 assistant coach.  Group sessions are  designed to build the brain and body of all learners, and can focus on specific needs of each group member including academic enrichment or challenges, or needs to improve academic, social or emotional skills. Group members can work exclusively with friends and family OR can join a group created by the Ignite! coaches. Most importantly, it allows student to work with others at similar ability levels. Group sessions are  designed to build the brain and body of all learners, and can focus on specific needs of each group member including academic enrichment or challenges, or needs to improve academic, social or emotional skills. The goal of each group is to facilitate a positive group experience that contribute to learning and retention of skills.  Additionally, students can benefit from small group work to address the following:

  • Further opportunities for social interaction
  • Develop stronger communication skills
  • Give and receive feedback on performance
  • Receive social support and encouragement to take risks.
  • Develop new approaches to resolving differences.
  • Establish a shared identity/friendships with other group members.

Group sessions are scheduled by appointment convenient to group members. It is a more cost effective way to participate in the Ignite! program.


***An Individual Assessment is mandatory prior to start the Ignite! Program. This is a $50 fee and is scheduled by appointment. Please contact Danielle at or call 508-366-1028 to schedule an Assessment***


Individual Ignite! 60 Minute sessions

4 Sessions-$380

12 Sessions-$1050

36 Sessions-$2,988

Individual Ignite! 30 Minute Sessions

4 Sessions-$190

12 Sessions-$525

36 Sessions-$1494

*For groups of 2-4 students

30 minute sessions

10 Sessions-$275 (per person)

20 Sessions-$510 (per person)

60 minute sessions

10 Sessions-$550 (per person)

20 Sessions-$1020 (per person)

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