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12108929_903635659724497_1612030395163916691_n“…It’s great just to have a more personal relationship with one of the coaches, who’s tuned into my goals.  I’ve found that since Jon knows me better now, and is 100% aware of my ability level, injuries, etc., he’s become my go-to coach during workouts.  The benefits, for me, have gone beyond the monthly training session and have made me more comfortable and productive in my workouts.  It’s all good!” — Melanie C.

Step 1: Prototype Impact Plan

Every PTS client will start with a 1-1 consultation through what we call our “Prototype Impact Plan.” This allows us to understand your history, individual needs and goals as well as allowing us to get to know you better! Please contact Mike@crossfitprototype.com to book your FREE 1-1 consultation!

Step 2: Prototype Movement Assessment Package

After your 1-1 consultation, we will set up your 1-1 movement screen or as well call it our “Prototype Assessment.” After a thorough assessment, we can gather information on movement quality.

  • Movement quality screen with specific warm up and corrective exercise program — $50 for members (call to schedule)

The 1-1 consultation and 1-1 movement screen gives your physical trainer the data he/she needs to start to develop the framework for your program. After each of those sessions, your coach will send you a detailed email outlining their findings. From here, your coach will guide you to the best training plan based on your goals and what fits you individually. While training at PTS, you will have frequent goal setting “re-evaluations” to check in on progress and potentially establish new goals to keep the process going!

Personal Training Sessions must be scheduled by appointment only. We have a 12-hour cancellation policy; please contact your trainer if you are unable to make a training session. If you cancel within the allotted twelve hours you will be charged for your training session. If you want to train with Head Coach Mike Collette, rates vary. Please contact Mike@crossfitprototype.com for more info on those rates.

Step 3: Book your 1st training session!

Below is information on our 1-1 training as well as our Small Group Training (SGT).

1-on-1 Personal Training

“It’s been awesome working with Jesse on my 1-1 training. I would highly recommend it for anyone and it’s just another great thing you guys offer us members that works out so well.” — Peter Allain

One-on-one personal training is a great choice for those looking for a specific program tailored to their individual fitness needs and goals. Personal training allows an individual to get personalized attentive care in respect to their personal goals and fitness concerns. Each individual interested in personal training must undergo an initial fitness consultation with a coach/personal trainer followed by our Prototype Movement Assessment. This movement assessment is $50. Please contact CrossFit Prototype for more information at 508-366-1028 or e-mail Mike Collette at Mike@crossfitprototype.com for more information!


1-hour training sessions

  • 4 Sessions — $380
  • 12 Sessions — $1050
  • 36 Sessions — $2,988

1/2 hour training sessions

  • 4 Sessions — $192
  • 12 Sessions — $528
  • 36 Sessions — $1,512

“I got so much benefit out of it.  Jon is great with me. He’s not easy on me, but he understands my goals better than I do and is a very positive coach.  I really thought I wouldn’t be up for it but so glad I did it. I feel very accomplished.  Thanks so much for the opportunity!” — Jean Hanks

Small Group Training

Small Group Training (SGT) is a comfortable medium between personal training and CrossFit training. The groups are between 2-4 people and each session is scheduled with a CFP coach or personal trainer.

Before starting these sessions, we require you to do our Prototype Impact plan followed by our Prototype Movement Assessment. From here, you can do one hour to 30 minute training sessions.

So Why SGT?

  • Smaller Groups
  • Personalized programming
  • Scheduled appointment, great for accountability
  • Great for sports specific training, injury modification, special populations, family and friends
  • CrossFit atmosphere feel, personal training experience and more cost effective

This is a comfortable medium between CrossFit and personal training. In  small groups training, you have the options and the abilities to customize training specific to individual needs, work exclusively with friends and family and most importantly target your fitness goals. This non-intimidating environment is a perfect option for those who have been on the fence about CrossFit and/or personal training.

These are semi-private training sessions are for groups of 2-4 people with 1 coach or fitness trainer.

This training is ideal for:

Friends & Family

Specific fitness goals

Post Rehabilitative

Sports conditioning

CrossFit competitor specific

Please contact Mike Collette at Mike@crossfitprototype.com or call 508-366-1028 to schedule a FREE initial Consultation

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