“CrossFit has been wonderful for our kids and you guys are GREAT. Rohan loves it and looks forward to coming to your program every week. You have created a very friendly and encouraging environment for kids and we can already see the results in Rohan – he has lost some weight and is in much better shape mentally and physically.” — Prototype Kid Parent (Ritu Minosha)


Here at CrossFit Prototype, we feel it is tremendously important for kids to start learning how to exercise properly. We offer CorssFit for kids classes based on your child’s age and needs specific to their training. Not only will it decrease the probability of sedentary behavior but it will increase a child’s confidence, cognitive function, and desire to be physically active day to day.

Varsity Prototypes (ages 12-15)

These classes introduce the basics of a strength and conditioning program with. We begin to teach the basics of weightlifting, but prior to this we teach the kids how to move properly before adding weight. Weight training is perfect for this age group because it helps in increasing strength, power, and speed, which translates on the field. More importantly, we aim to develop proper lifting technique for the future. We also work on general physical preparedness and conditioning drills. These are fun classes with a well-focused group of kids who are welcoming and have created a positive, friendly environment.

Class Schedule

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Unlimited Prototype Kids Classes

$120 month to month

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Proto-Tykes and 2x a week Prototype Kids

$100 Month to month

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$160 Ten Classes

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