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If you’re in middle school or high school and want to see exactly how much you can get our of your performance, you need guidance. Coaches can only take you so far, because they’re just as focused on teaching the playbook as they are on physical conditioning. In addition, they have too many players to deal with at once and simply don’t have the time to give each individual athlete the singular attention he or she needs.

Prototype trainer (and coach) Steve Cimino knows exactly what middle school and high school athletes need so that they can safely push the limit of their bodies. That’s why he’s developed small group training that can focus on exactly what each needs to increase sports performance. While the exercises in these small groups focus mostly on soccer and lacrosse, the speed boosts and stamina building easily translate to many other sports.

How Does It Help?

Prototype’s Elite Sport Training program helps in five key areas when it comes to becoming the best teen athlete possible.

  • Injury Prevention – A moment of injury can lead to months of rehabilitation. Proper training can prevent injury during exercise as well as on the field of play.
  • Flexibility – Proper stretching and improved flexibility means you’ll be able to do more on the field and while being less sore after a game.
  • Speed / Agility – More speed and agility will always put you at an advantage over your opponents (and your teammates!).
  • Explosive Power – Getting to the ball faster means you’ll be able to control the game better.
  • Coordination – When you’re a teen, you might not have the same body you had last month. Exercises that improve coordination can help acclimate to your changing physique.

The Perks

What do you need to know about these teen sports training programs?

  • We work with large and small recreational, club and school sports programs to create customized programs for the athletes.
  • Small group training includes only 2-4 teens, so everyone will get individualized attention.
  • One-on-one training is also available.
  • One-hour sessions allow for mental and physical training time.

You might be a middle schooler wanting to be the top athlete when you reach high school. Maybe you’re in high school and want to impress colleges. Or maybe you just want to be the best you can be this season. No matter who you are, we can make you better. Contact us here to learn more or to sign up for our elite small group training.

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