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Lose weight, increase energy and be part of a community

 Our program includes:

  • Initial nutrition consultation 
  • Body Composition Analysis with our Bioimpedance 5000 (complimentary)
  • Baseline measurements to show results
  • 2-4 monthly nutritional counseling sessions with a nutrition consultant 
  • Meal preparation program and shopping list
  • Lifestyle nutrition education

You should sign up if you:

  • Struggle with what to eat
  • Don’t know how much to eat for you
  • Need accountability when it comes to your nutrition
  • Have fitness goals that you aren’t reaching
  • Want to lose weight and feel better
  • Want to have more energy
  • Want to increase lean body mass

Meet our Head Coach:

Kimi Negrin Ph.D



Kimberly Negrin is the newest addition to the CFP team as the Nutrition Director and Head Coach of Prototype Nutrition. She has been committed to nutrition and life coaching for the last 5 years and specializes in physique transformation. From basic lifestyle changes to the extreme performance and physique athletes, her philosophy encompasses a balanced intake approach to nutrition to achieve goals safely and sustainably. She holds a B.S. in Biochemistry, M.S. in Biomedical Science and Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from UMASS Medical School specializing in metabolism, obesity/Type 2 Diabetes and metabolic dysfunction that occur under high fat/carbohydrate consumption and unhealthy dietary conditions. She is a regionally awarded All-Natural Figure/Bikini competitor and passionate about being an integral piece of an athletes journey to the stage. As a mentor and life coach, she believes that you are simply one positive thought away from creating the life you dream.  With a passion for science and research, Kimberly takes a holistic and scientific approach to health and wellness by providing her clients with the most up-to-date methods to approach dieting for sustainable results and the necessary resources to provoke habitual change to uncover passions, conquer obstacles and to guide you to your best self.


Prototype Nutrition Coaches:

Jon Collette Jon

Heather Yeomans


Pricing Information:

Program Options

Weekly meeting 

(total 4 consults w/ coach per month)

Bi-Weekly meeting

(total 2 consults w/ coach per month)

Virtual Program

(weekly e-mail check in’s with coach)

Individual Sessions  $175 per month ($250 non-members) $115 per month ($185 non-members) $119 per month ($149 non-members)*
Small Group (2-3 people) $119 per month per person ($149 non-members) $79 per month per person ($109 per month non-members) N/A

*All program require a 3 month commitment*

*$49 for monthly maintenance program following 3 month’s of Nutrition consulting.

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