1. Prototype Nutrition Member Spotlight: Kyle Nolan

    My CFP Crossfit and Nutrition Journey: So Coach Jon Collette asked me to share my story so I truly hope you get something out of this, and yes this is very painful for me as I am a very private person so sharing personal issues is not my strong point… . So let’s begin: In September of 2013 at the ripe old age of 42 years I was tipping the scale at 265lbs, and, what I’ve come to realize today…Read More

  2. Tips and Tricks So You Don’t Rip!

    By: Caitlin Pond (CF-L1, Prototype Endurance Coach) Tips and Tricks for Hand Rips Hand rips can be the most devastating thing to happen to an athlete mid-WOD. They not only kill your momentum during your workout but can take you out of the your CrossFit fitness gym for days. You never really know how much you use your hand until you can’t. Showering, driving, writing, eating - everything becomes…Read More

  3. Stopping is easy, starting is not

    By: Mike Collette (Head Coach and Owner of CrossFit Prototype)      As the weather picks up and the season starts to shift towards the warmer weather, we are all more apt to skip workouts for dinner and drinks with friends. Life can get busy and other social/fun events can take precedence. I get it. I am human just like you are! However, did you know a recent study showed that less than 1 hr …Read More

  4. How do you get “Abs”?

    By: Mike Collette (Owner/Head Coach of CrossFit Prototype) A popular question I often get asked is "how do I get abs?!" What this question means to me is "how do you get to the point where you can see the definition of my abdominal wall?" Something that stuck out to me when I was in college was at a cadaver lab we had the opportunity to shadow at Springfield College. Here, we saw three subjects, a…Read More