1. Prototype Open 20.5 and 20.6 Week Recap and Breakdown

    What’s up #CFPFam?! WE ARE BACK for the FINAL weekly recap of the #PrototypeOpen and it's so sad it's finally over!  This season our 4 teams went head to head to compete for the coveted Prototype House Cup Championship Trophy. Week 4/ 20.4 went to Team Slytherin (Again…) and they certainly pulled away this week! Inevitably, it all comes down to participating each week and having team members …Read More

  2. Prototype Open 20.1 Week Recap and Breakdown

    What's up #CFPFam?! WE ARE BACK for another #PrototypeOpen and it's better than ever! With the new schedule for the CrossFit Open, the CrossFit Games season has just begun and we at CrossFit Prototype are hosting our 6th Prototype Open. This season we have 4 teams, each cleverly named after each house from the J.K Rowling's series, Harry Potter and were drafted by 4 of our awesome members and now…Read More

  3. Prototype Open 19.4 Breakdown

    The 2019 Prototype Open is here and better than ever! We have over 120 of our amazing members signed up and competing on two teams. The teams are Baby Got Black (#BabyGotBlack) led by 2018 Community Member of the Year Dr. Annie Powell and team Abominable Snow Monsters of the North (#TeamAbominable) led by 2018 Community Member of the Year Col. Brent French. Week 4 (19.4) is officially in the …Read More

  4. Prototype Open Week 2 Recap

    18.2 AND 18.2a are in the books and here is our week 2 analysis of the 2018 #PrototypeOpen! An impressive week to say the least as EVERYONE from both teams completed 18.2 and 18.2a!! In addition, we saw some great performances from the athletes on both team #KeepinItTeal and #BeardedBlueDragons! As you all know, this week was unlike week 1 with a shorter burner of a ladder from 1-10 dumbbell squat…Read More

  5. The Prototype Games

    Introducing The Prototype Games By: Mike Collette Head Coach/Owner of CrossFit Prototype The Prototype Games is a simple concept that we thought up to bring even more value to the CFP community. We believe that fitness should be fun and we also believe that friendly competition creates camaraderie and strengthens communities. With that said, we bring you The Prototype Games. The Prototype Games c…Read More