1. Prototype Open 19.1 Breakdown

    Hi Everyone! The Prototype Open is back and better than ever! We have over 120 of our amazing members signed up and competing on two teams. The teams are Baby Got Black (#BabyGotBlack) led by 2018 Community Member of the Year Dr. Annie Powell and team Abominable Snow Monsters of the North (#TeamAbominable) led by 2018 Community Member of the Year Col. Brent French. As you all know, 19.1 is now of…Read More

  2. Prototype of the Month: Mo Ahmed

    Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey I've been working out and playing sports (basketball, flag football) for years. It's always been important for me to stay active and healthy. At first it was to get stronger and fitter in order to improve in those sports but as the years went by working out kind of became the sport itself. The 3 or 4 years prior to finding CrossFit Proto…Read More

  3. Prototype of the Month: Bonnie Santiago

    Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey Before I started CrossFit my workout consisted of going to the gym and attending step classes. It's been 3.5 years since the start of my CrossFit journey when my Brazilian girlfriends and I decided that we should start CrossFit, so we did! My plan was to go 2-3 times a week, but I find myself here almost every day of the week (except S…Read More

  4. Prototype of the Month: James Miller

    It's important to recognize those who have made a commitment to personal training at our CrossFit gym. This month we're talking with James Miller, someone who fought college weight until he found a place here at our fitness gym. It just goes to show how finding the right CrossFit location can go a long way to helping find the exercises that work best for the individual.   Congratulations to our P…Read More

  5. Short And Long-Term Benefits of CrossFit and Working Out At A Fitness Gym

    As you might know, CrossFit is a way to cram a whole lot of exercise into a short amount of time. You’ll be pushing yourself to the limit: your body may be telling you to stop, but the ambition in your brain will tell your body “Never!” With so much action going on during a CrossFit, it can be easy to think short term: how is this making me feel right now? But CrossFit (and all of the activi…Read More

  6. Famous People Who Swear By CrossFit

    Often you’ll hear the media talking about how actors will “get buff” for a roll. They’ll talk about how an overweight actor shed 130 pounds to portray a real-life person, or how they added 80 pounds of muscle to portray Batman. At first we think “that’s cool.” Then after a few moments we realize “well, they have a nutrition consultant, personal trainer, eight or more hours of free …Read More

  7. Why Stop By For CrossFit When You’re In Town?

    Do you get nervous when you’re away from CrossFit for just a day? Do you get antsy because going for a run just doesn’t give you the intense exercise you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we understand. That’s why we have a visitor’s program, allowing those from other boxes to come in and get that exercise fix they need. All you have to do is arrive a few minutes early, sign a waiver, pay t…Read More

  8. Top 3 Reasons People Decide On CrossFit Workout Over Other Exercise

    Believe it or not, fitness gyms didn’t really exist until the 1970’s. Starting in California, they crept across the country until there was a gym in every stripmall. And as you know just by reading the names of those fitness centers, there are dozens of different ways to exercise that they specialize in. So why choose a CrossFit gym over any of the others? You Don’t Have To Deal With Equipme…Read More

  9. The History and Philosophy of CrossFit

    One way to get better at something is to understand why it was invented in the first place. If necessity is the mother of invention, why did CrossFit come about, and what need was it fulfilling? Let’s take a look. Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai were a married couple who opened a gym in Santa Cruz, California in 1996 with the idea of a simplified but intense exercise program that didn’t use a l…Read More