1. Prototype Open 19.5 Breakdown

    Check out the FNL Footage below! https://gopro.com/v/eQeJ9J5QZLMb8 The 2019 Prototype Open has officially come to a close! We had over 120 of our amazing members signed up and competing on two teams. The teams are Baby Got Black (#BabyGotBlack) led by 2018 Community Member of the Year Dr. Annie Powell and team Abominable Snow Monsters of the North (#TeamAbominable) led by 2018 Community Member …Read More

  2. Cherry Picking your Potential

    By: Michael Collette (Head Coach/Owner of CrossFit Prototype) Let's face it, we have all "cherry picked" a workout before (yes, I'm guilty as well). So what is "cherry picking"? Basically, you pick and choose the workouts you like or that might not seem hard and skip the harder days. Maybe you're a little sore and the workout is harder than you want to work today. Or maybe you have a limited sched…Read More

  3. Should you Rx the workout or not?

    Should you Rx the workout or not? By: Mike Collette Owner/Head Coach at CrossFit Prototype The infamous question that we get asked as Coaches and personal trainers and actually ask ourselves many of time is "Should I Rx this workout?" It's a great question and one that needs to be given some clarity. What we have broken down the concept of "scaling" based on 3 factors: Movement efficiency, compe…Read More

  4. The Prototype Games

    Introducing The Prototype Games By: Mike Collette Head Coach/Owner of CrossFit Prototype The Prototype Games is a simple concept that we thought up to bring even more value to the CFP community. We believe that fitness should be fun and we also believe that friendly competition creates camaraderie and strengthens communities. With that said, we bring you The Prototype Games. The Prototype Games c…Read More