1. How you can drink alcohol and still lose weight!

    By: Jon Collette- Prototype Nutrition Coach Did you know that you DO NOT need to sacrifice social drinking to lose weight?! 🍺🍷 . If your goal is weight loss OR to maintain the weight that you are at, you may want to read this! As you may be aware, there is A TON of conflicting information out there in regards to diet and nutrition. What we prescribe and live by here at CFP is fueling your bo…Read More

  2. Prototype Nutrition Member Spotlight: Maureen Lundy

    Name:  Maureen Lundy Prototype Nutrition Coach:  Jon Collette 1.) What was your goal/motivation behind joining Prototype Nutrition?     My main goal was to lose some weight that I had put on over the last few years.  Also, I wanted to learn how to properly fuel my body because I work out almost every day doing crossfit and other activities such as spinning and yoga.  I had never worked with …Read More