1. Habits, Streaks, and Cold Showers

    As I started to set my 2020 goals and new habits, one of mine was to take a cold shower 3x a week. I put it on the goals board at CFP and I actually have been doing it every day not just 3x a week (so I'm killing it!). With that said, a lot of people have asked me "Mike, what's up with the cold shower?". My answer is always simple, I want to do something every day that is uncomfortable. The bigger…Read More

  2. Thriving Vs. Surviving: Battling your Mindset

    Everyone has those days where you just don’t have it. You're halfway through a workout and you feel sluggish, overly fatigued, weak and you want to just quit. When we feel this way, we tend to forget the reasons why. Maybe you stayed up late to watch the playoff game the night before, you had a long stressful week, your routine was thrown off by life’s unpredictable nature or maybe you’re ju…Read More

  3. Enjoy the Process

    By Joe Black CF-L2, USAW-SPL1 Joe@CrossFitPrototype.com  This video is of Jessica Lucero. She is a 58 kg (128#) US Olympic-team hopeful for the 2020 Olympics and current American record holder of ALL of the lifts in her weight class (snatch, clean & jerk and total [snatch + C&J weight]). She has competed on the world’s stage and she has won the US National Championship, the biggest meet…Read More

  4. How the way we talk can change the way we WOD

    “How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We WOD” By: Michael Collette B.S Owner/Head Coach of CrossFit Prototype Over the past 5 weeks of the CrossFit Open, I have been so impressed with the work ethic, PRs and energy at CFP. All the positivity has made our coaches proud and truly inspired all our members. The positives far outweigh any negatives that take place during the open and I wanted to …Read More

  5. Cherry Picking your Potential

    By: Michael Collette (Head Coach/Owner of CrossFit Prototype) Let's face it, we have all "cherry picked" a workout before (yes, I'm guilty as well). So what is "cherry picking"? Basically, you pick and choose the workouts you like or that might not seem hard and skip the harder days. Maybe you're a little sore and the workout is harder than you want to work today. Or maybe you have a limited sched…Read More