1. Habits, Streaks, and Cold Showers

    As I started to set my 2020 goals and new habits, one of mine was to take a cold shower 3x a week. I put it on the goals board at CFP and I actually have been doing it every day not just 3x a week (so I'm killing it!). With that said, a lot of people have asked me "Mike, what's up with the cold shower?". My answer is always simple, I want to do something every day that is uncomfortable. The bigger…Read More

  2. Thriving Vs. Surviving: Battling your Mindset

    Everyone has those days where you just don’t have it. You're halfway through a workout and you feel sluggish, overly fatigued, weak and you want to just quit. When we feel this way, we tend to forget the reasons why. Maybe you stayed up late to watch the playoff game the night before, you had a long stressful week, your routine was thrown off by life’s unpredictable nature or maybe you’re ju…Read More

  3. How Fitness Shortcuts Hurt Your Health

    January 2nd is International Shortcut Day! Yesterday, you set some New Year’s Resolutions. Today, you were thrilled to discover that you could achieve them all EASILY AND FAST in the next 30 days! Woohoo–what will you do with the rest of your year??! Of course, I’m referring to the get-lean-quick shakes, the crash diets, and the zero-money-down gym sign-up programs that prey on people like u…Read More

  4. 5 ways joining CrossFit Prototype can make and save you money

    When it comes to joining a gym, most people look at their gym membership as an expense rather than an investment in their health. In one of our testimonial videos, Syam shares how coming to CFP is like his "401k for his life", you can see that video here. We often overlook that being healthy and fit can not only save you money, but it can help make you money as well. Mental Acuity   Multiple stud…Read More

  5. Are you struggling to make it into the gym?

    If you've been finding it challenging to work out, you're not alone. Hey CFP! Coach Mike here and I want to talk a little bit about working out : ) Let's face it, working out can be hard. The biggest challenge, however, tends to be our ability to walk through the doors of the gym, not the actual physical activity. Why is that? It comes down to several factors but at the end of the day, it's how we…Read More

  6. Prototype Open 20.5 and 20.6 Week Recap and Breakdown

    What’s up #CFPFam?! WE ARE BACK for the FINAL weekly recap of the #PrototypeOpen and it's so sad it's finally over!  This season our 4 teams went head to head to compete for the coveted Prototype House Cup Championship Trophy. Week 4/ 20.4 went to Team Slytherin (Again…) and they certainly pulled away this week! Inevitably, it all comes down to participating each week and having team members …Read More

  7. Prototype of the Month: Maqsood Ahmed

    Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey I used to play Cricket and Field Hockey before I graduated from college but I was not physically active by the time I started my "professional life". I was on and off the gym routine during 13 years until I started working out again. I wanted to become physically active but did not have any clue how to start. Crossfit Prototype provided …Read More

  8. Prototype of the Month: Linda Rawstron

    Share your CrossFit Prototype experience and fitness journey I have always loved group exercise and was a fitness/Zumba instructor for well over 10 years.  5 years ago after foot surgery and discovering I have arthritis in my feet I was forced to give up teaching because I could no longer instruct at the level I felt my students deserved.  I spent the next several year trying to find a program t…Read More

  9. Prototype of the Month: Dennis Paoloni

    1. Share your Crossfit Prototype experience and fitness journey. I've been at CFP since 2014.  Prior to this, I was never a gym person.  I attempted to stay in shape by playing recreational hockey and other intramural sports.  After starting my career as an ER doctor and working crazy night shifts, I found it difficult to find time to play sports.  Then came a family with 3 little girls and ti…Read More

  10. Behind The Why at CrossFit Prototype

    Behind The Why   This is a post that I could go on for days talking and get all sciencey/fancy on some points but I’m going to keep it simple. If you want some science, just ask me or one of our coaches next time you see us : ) The big thing here it to talk to you all about the “Why” behind what we do from the exercise component but also our deeper CrossFit Prototype community “why”. As…Read More