…he pushes me to do my best and lets me influence the limit

For most of my life if given the choice between exercise or anything else I would choose anything else. I developed diabetes during my second pregnancy and my doctor told me I needed to do something. I tried running with friends, for beer and through obstacle courses in the mud. I tried all kinds of gyms, boot camps, cycle and fitness classes and yoga and couldn’t stick with any of them. My sister gave me a one month membership to a crossfit gym which I found intimidating but was willing to try. I went off and on for about 10 months with great results but I can’t say I enjoyed it. Many of the workouts included exercises I hated and I would skip repetitions or rounds when no one was looking. Some were just exhausting and I felt at times pushed beyond my limits. I began finding excuses not to go. Eventually even watching my muscles disappear and blood sugar go back up couldn’t get me to the gym.
Then I met Mike. He convinced me to come into CrossFit Prototype “just to talk, no exercise”. I told him I didn’t think this was the gym for me because I’d tried crossfit before, didn’t like some exercises and didn’t want to be pushed that hard again. Mike is an amazing trainer! He listened, understood my goals and concerns and convinced me to give it another try. We discovered that I love weightlifting and Mike finds ways to round out my workouts without those hated exercises. He inspires without yelling, is encouraging and never condescending or preachy. Most importantly he pushes me to do my best and lets me influence the limit.
It’s been over a year and I’m not looking back. I love (love!!) going to this gym. I show up and put all my effort into my workouts. I feel great at the end of each and look forward to the next. Thanks Mike!!!!

Lillian Rich