I can’t recommend working at Prototype enough

Call it greedy, maybe even unreasonable. But like many out there I want to be strong, fit and pain free and healthy to live a long and vibrant life into my old age, yet I want to spend as little time as possible getting there. I’m willing to put in the effort, but does such a program exist?

I’m like many men out there. I’m a 40 year old husband, and father of 2 young children. I’d like to spend as much my time as possible to enjoy my family and participate in my kid’s activities. I love to play golf and enjoy social life with friends. I’m very career driven and devote a considerable amount of time and energy to my career. Like many, I find it a constant challenge to find time to make sure I exercise and stay physically fit, but I know it’s important for everything in life. Personally I’ve always been injury prone – muscles pulls, tendonitis, and scar tissue are the norm. So sometimes it’s a nagging injury, but it seems once I get on a roll with exercise, business travel and life get me off track and maybe 2 weeks pass and I haven’t worked out.

What I realized is that I needed fitness program, and one that I would stick to. I needed accountability. But how would I know which exercises were right for my goals? How many days week should I allocate? How long should I work out for? How long doing some sort of cardio? What type of stretching do I do? How long do I stretch for? Do I just try P90X until I can’t stand whatever pain I’m causing? By the way, what can I do for my elbow pain? My shoulder pain? My knee pain? Do I do weight training combined with cardio? I have flat feet leading to terrible balance, can we fix that? I have some areas that are strong, but some that are weak, some areas that are tight, some that are flexible. Can we normalize the body please?

There are so many more questions I could go on an on. These were some questions I had initially, and others that have arisen and been answered in just over the past 2 months of working with Mike Collette. In fact, I frankly didn’t even know most of the above questions existed before we started working together. And each time I now have the answers. What is amazing is the knowledge I have about my body such as the root cause of injury, the areas that are strong, weak, and why that is so. What is exciting are the results and progress Mike and I have made over this time, and knowing where my physical fitness is heading.

My initial assessment with Mike was all about my goals, my past exercise experiences and knowledge. It was about past injury, what I like and don’t like to do, habits and more. He asked questions of me that really enabled him to design fitness program that was unlike anything I had envisioned. My program has given me absolute direction, structure, and what’s very exciting is measurability. I can see the increased strength, endurance and stamina by having tracked my results. Mike laid the foundation for everything. I just follow what he says, and the only thinking I do is remembering the form and techniques he’s taught me. I no longer have to think about what workout I should do today, how many days I should rest, or how many days I should wait between the same workout. Everything is programmed, and evolves depending on how my by responds.

I can’t recommend working with Mike enough. It’s something I foresee continuing indefinitely. I’m getting into the best shape of my life, stronger than I’ve ever been and feeling great! I realize I wasn’t being greedy, and certainly not unreasonable. I just needed a professional who could help!

Adam Jacobs