I would highly recommend Prototype

I have been working out regularly for a long time. Years ago I completed the P90X program working out at home. The results were rewarding but the time it took each day to work out along with the limited and repetitious exercises left me searching for a new routine upon completion. After that I started working out at a cross fit gym near my home but found the instruction to be weak and was thrust into advanced Olympic movements without anything resembling a solid foundation or understanding of the movements. On the personal recommendation of my business partner and one of my closest friends, I have been working with Mike Collette one-on-one for over a year now with great results.
Mike started from the beginning with a stretching and mobility routine that I still employ before every workout. We discussed how to take care of my muscles before during and after workouts. After an interview on the first day of training, Mike went through an initial assessment of my flexibility, experience and strength, and then he began creating custom workouts for me. We started with fairly simple movements, developing and perfecting my technique, which until then I had thought was sound. Over time I advanced, but only when I was ready to move forward. Every four weeks I have a brand new plan tailored just for me that I can work through at my home gym. When I come in to work out with Mike we review exercises and I am taught new movements that will be used in the following cycle. The programs are designed to integrate strength, speed, endurance, and explosiveness. Routines are constantly varied and I never seem to get “stuck in a rut” or plateau for very long which always seemed to happen to me in the past. To put numbers out there, my deadlift has increased almost 100%, squat 50%, bench 30%, pull up 50% and I can now perform sets of movements that I originally could not even squeak one or two.
Mike seems to genuinely love what he does, and he stays at the forefront of his industry with continuing education and attending conferences all of which filter into his programs. He is also excellent at troubleshooting injury and any pain. One example is that he took care of some lower back issues I had several months ago with some simple techniques involving a lacrosse ball. I am always encouraged to video tape myself and send along to him to critique my movement or to reach out with any questions I have at any time.
I would highly recommend Mike and Cross Fit Prototype. He is a top notch trainer that will bring results, treat you with respect, and make you the best that you want to be.

Kevin Grimes