CFP cares about me and the other people they train

I’ve been training 3-times a week with Mike Collette since early in 2011, with the exception of a hiatus when we lived out of the country. Meeting Mike has been a blessing. As a trainer he’s smart, extremely knowledgeable – and always building on his base of knowledge – and both very mature and very professional. He’s always well-prepared for our sessions and never shows up without a plan; that said, if I show up for a session with a physical curveball such as pain related to my long-term knee and back issues, he easily adapts his plan on the fly and I wind up leaving the gym feeling better than when I went in. He knows me inside and out and while he kicks me in the butt when I need it, he’s always cognizant of my physical limitations while pushing my mental buttons and making it fun.

The big thing is Mike cares about me and the other people he trains. My wife and daughter, who is a college athlete, both train with Mike, as well, and we all love him; my daughter says he’s dope. We’ve referred close friends to Mike who are all of different ages, athleticism and fitness levels, and they all feel the same, with nothing but positive things to say about him. Simply put, he’s a great guy. The best testimonial for Mike is his track record of client retention, which is unblemished.

As a college athlete back in what seems like a former life who fell way off the exercise wagon over the years, Mike has used his skill, passion and personality to get me back on the right track of a healthy lifestyle – and keep me there – and I’m confident you’ll find that he’ll do the same for you.

Brent Harwood