1. Family
  2. Integrity
  3. Helping Others
  4. Excellence
  5. Fun
  6. Growth


The Vision of CrossFit Prototype is to create a culture of internally-driven individuals where the community helps foster each other’s individual fitness goals. Through premier coaching and education, a great community of healthier and happier members is forged.

Established in 2012, CFP is located at 50 East Main Street in Westborough, MA. Our CrossFit facility has over 7000 sq/ft of functional space for both CrossFit classes and 1-1 personal training with one of trainers.

At CrossFit Prototype we have a saying: “Form leads to function and function leads to fitness.” We believe wholeheartedly in quality of movement and executing proper biomechanics. We can’t express the importance of doing an exercise correctly and efficiently. We know becoming fit doesn’t occur overnight, but our goal is to get you to where you want to be while having fun at the same time. In other words, FITNESS IS A LIFE JOURNEY.

Our background as a box is in sports medicine and corrective exercise. If you want to move better and do things correctly you are in the right place! Our programming stems from years of studying scientific-based exercise physiology and years of practicing these methodologies. CrossFit training has been our life for several years and we are so excited to be able to bring a quality box to the metro-west region!

Our goal at CFP is to produce a quality program that will allow anyone to succeed and reach their goals! We don’t want people to be intimidated or nervous to start here at CFP! We aim to make people feel comfortable, confident, and happy with what they are doing. Keeping morale high is our top priority. We know everyone is different and we want you all to succeed with a smile on your face! We do this by offering the best in CrossFit training, personal training, and nutrition consulting, and we’re ready to help you!